Subsidy Scheme for export of agriculture commodities by sea route
Transport Subsidy of Rs. 30,000/- for export of agriculture commodities by sea route container to newly opened countries.

In order to boost the export of agriculture commodities grown in Maharashtra state, a proposal was under consideration of Maharashtra state Agriculture Marketing Board for financial assistance to Cooperative Society, Farmer Producer Group,company,firm,exporter,farmer for direct export of fruits and vegetables (excluding grapes), if it is exported through sea route through container. Therefore a Transport Assistance Scheme has been launched as per the MSAMB’s Board Meeting No. 134 dated 2nd July, 2018. It has decided to reserve a fund of Rs. One Crore for the scheme.

This scheme is launched in order to increase the involvement of Cooperative Societies and Farmer Producer Companies in agriculture export.

The Cooperative Society and Farmer Producer Company who will export agriculture commodity to the destinations mentioned in the following table, will be eligible for getting Rs. 30,000/- per container (20 feet/40 feet) as subsidy. The maximum subsidy per beneficiary will be Rs. 1 Lakh per year. The financial provision for the scheme for the period from 2nd July, 2018 to 30th June, 2019, is Rs. 1 Crore.

Country and destination for Transport Assistance Subsidy Scheme:
No Country Commodity
1 USA Mango, Pomegranate
2 Australia Mango, Pomegranate
3 South Korea Banana, Mango
4 Kazakhstan (via Bandar Abbas Port) Mango
5 Afghanistan (via Bandar Abbas Port) Banana, Onion
6 Iran Banana, Mandarin, Mango
7 Russia Banana, Mango
8 Mauritius Onion, Mango
9 Latvia (via Rega Port) Vegetables and Onion
Terms and conditions of the scheme:

The terms and conditions for availing the benefit of the Transport Assistance Subsidy Scheme are as under:

  • It is mandatory that the Co-operative Society , Farmers' Producer Company,company,firm,exporter,farmer should directly export the agri. produce by sea route container.
  • The beneficiary of the scheme will be the Co-operative Society , Farmers' Producer Company,company,firm,exporter,farmer registered in Maharashtra.
  • The applicant, Co-operative Society or Farmers' Producer Company shall submit the application in prescribed format along with the required documents and the bills of the container supplier company.
  • The scheme is eligible for specified countries and corresponding commodities only.
  • The scheme is not eligible for the traders/exporters working on behalf of Co-operative Society.
  • The Co-operative Society or Farmers' Producer Company shall apply for the said scheme, only after receipt of the payment of the exported goods, so that non-receipt of the payment of the consignment due to quality issues will be not eligible for the benefit of the scheme.
  • The scheme will not be eligible for exporting sample of agro produce.
  • Managing Director, MSAMB is authorized to approve, partially approve or reject the application for subsidy and it will be bind on the applicant.
  • The validity of the scheme is 2nd July, 2018 to 30th June, 2019 for export by sea route container for the specified agri. produce and destinations decided by MSAMB.
Mandatory documents required for the eligibility of the transport subsidy scheme:
  • Application in prescribed format.
  • Invoice copy
  • Shipping bill
  • Container freight receipt
  • Bank Realization Certificate showing credit of foreign exchange.

Application Form (Download)

Guarantee Letter(Download)


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