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Irradiation of Onion

  • Object is to control losses due to sprouting of onions during prolonged storage.
  • Irradiation facility is planned to be setup at key onion growing centers in the State.
  • Farmers co-operative societies and or private entrepreneurs are encouraged to take up such projects.
  • The irradiation technology has been developed at BARC (Bhabha Atomic Research Center).
  • Benefits include economic gain due to reduced sprouting losses which could be as 10 - 15%.
  • A pilot unit has been set up at Lasalgaon by BARC and ready for imminent operation.
  • A farmer's cooperative in Ahmednagar district come forward to set up a project.
  • Govt. of Maharashtra has accepted a proposal for funding from NCDC for the project

An Irradiation project is under construction by MSAMB at Vashi, Navi Mumbai. In this facility Mango, Onions, Spices and food grains can be irradiated. In addition to this MSMAB has taken on lease KRUSHAK irradiation facility located at Lasalgaon. In this facility MSMAB has irradiated the Alphonso and kesar mango and raisin of farmers.