As a supplement to the finance of APMC, the Maharashtra State Agricultural Marketing Board gives some amount as loan to enable APMCs to undertake developmental programmes. However, MSAMB insists on availing loans from Banks by the APMCs for their development programmes. The development works include land, drinking water facility, compound wall, gate, internal roads, electrification, auction halls and platform, godowns, computers, weigh bridges, farmers hostel, hamal bhavan, trader's and commission agent's shops, etc. The loans are sanctioned as per the norms prescribed by MSAMB.

APMCs submit the loan applications with details, which are being processed at the head office. As per the rules of the Marketing Board, the rate of interest for development works except construction of shopping complex, are as follows:

Sr. No. Class of APMC Rate of Interest
1 Agriculture Pledge loan Scheme 6%
2 Term Loan- Konkan & Tribal Area 6%
3 All APMC- Land purchase, drinking water facility, auction platform, compound, weigh bridge, grading equipment, sanitary, road, electrification, work under TMC & other work 8%
4 Shopping Complex (APMCs of all category) 10%

The APMC has to submit a loan proposal along with the following documents.

  • Loan application in the prescribed form.
  • Loan repayment agreement.
  • Loan hypothecation agreement & APMC Director Body’s Indemnity Bond.
  • Sanction from competent authority for building plan & layout.
  • Approval under section 12(1).

The necessary formats for this purpose can be downloaded from the download option.

The repayment period of loan provided for the following development works is as follows.
Sr. No. Development Work Repayment Period
1 Land Acquisition, Drinking water system, Auction halls, Compound, Sanitary, Computers and Weigh bridges, Roads, Shetkari Niwas, Electrification, & other facilities 10 Years
2 Traders Shops 5 Years
3 Commercial Complex 1 Year

During last 25 years (i.e. from 1985 to March 2014), the Marketing Board has disbursed an loan amount of Rs 164.48 Crore to 236 APMCs in the State, out of which, the outstanding amount as on 31st March 2014, is Rs. 51.08 Crore.

*Division wise loan Lists
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