MSAMB has 150 Acres of land at Talegaon Dabhade, near Pune, Which is being used for Training and Demonstration purpose. This land is divided into two farms known as Main Farm and Gilbil Patti. The details of these two farms are as follows.

Particulars Main Farm Gillbill Patti Total
Cultivable Area 30 Acre 22 Acre 52 Acre
Uncultivable Area 28 Acre 09 Acre 37 Acre
Area Under Lake 42 Acre - 42 Acre
Area Under HTC Project - 18 Acre 19 Acre
Total Area 100 Acre 50 Acre 150 Acre
Main Farm

The Total area under main farm is 100 acre, out of which 42 acre is under natural lake, which is used for aqua culture and irrigation. 30 acre is cultivable area.

Gillbill Patti

The Total area under Gilbil Patti farm is 50 acre, out of which 18 acre is under NIPHT (Horticulture Training Centre) 22 acres under Horticulture crops, viz, 10 acre Guava, 2 acre Sapota, 8 acre Mango, 1 acre Aonla, 1 acre Coconut.

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