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Golden opportunity for fruits and vegetable exporters

A) Vapour Heat Treatment Facility, Vashi, New Mumbai (VHT):

  • VHT is an effective method of control the pests like fruit fly.
  • This is MSAMB is the pioneer in setting up of state-of-the-art Vapour Heat Treatment facility (VHT) at Vashi, New Mumbai.
  • the first unique facility in public sector in India.
  • VHT machine is imported by APEDA, New Delhi and erected by MSAMB & used commercially for export of mangoes to Japan, New Zealand, South korea, European Countries & Mauritius.
  • The Components of the facility are Vapour Heat Treatment Facility: 1.5 M.T./Batch, Pre-Cooling Facility: 5 MT/6 Hrs, Cold Storage Facility: 50 MTs, Material Handling System: 1.5 M.T./Hr.
  • Around 50,000MTs of fresh fruits and vegetable has been exported from this facility across the globe.

B) Irradiation Facility Centre, Vashi, New Mumbai (IFC)

  • MSAMB has established Irradiation Facility Center (IFC) at Vashi, New Mumbai. Fruits, Vegetables, Spices & Other food products are irradiated at this facility according to Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) Food Rule 1012.
  • Irradiation is the mandatory treatment for exporting mangoes and pomegranate to USA.
  • This is unique facility in India erected in public sector. Cobalt-60 Isotope is used for Gamma Irradiation treatment.
  • This facility is used to irradiate the pests like Stone Weevil.
  • This facility is approved by Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) & Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), Government of India.
  • Facility is approved by National Plant Protection Organization (NPPO).
  • The United State Department of Agriculture – Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services (USDA-APHIS) has accredited this facility for export of mangoes and pomegranate to USA.
  • Australian Inspection Team completed the series of inspections to IFC Facility, and now this facility has been accredited for export of mangoes to Australia.
  • Mangoes, Pomegranate, Spices, Pulses, Flour, Petfeed, Onion etc. can be irradiated for export at this facility. Till date these commodities has been exporterd to USA, European Countries, East Asian Countries etc.
  • The components of this facility are Irradiation Chamber (500kCi), Cold Storage: 25 MTs X 2 Nos, Precooling : 5 MTs/batch. The current capacity of the facility is 426 kCi.

The irradiation processing charges at MSAMB’s IFC facility effective from 1st August, 2018 are as under vide circular dtd. 19/07/2018

No Commodity / Product Average Dose (Gray) Processing charges (Rs./Kg)
  Onion, Potato and Garlic 60-90 1.00/-
  Grain, Granule, Flour, Maida & similar products 250- 1000 2.50/-
  Vegetables including Cut vegetables 200 - 2500 3.75/-
  Dry fruits, Confectionary 250-5000 6.25/-
  Spices (Other than Nutmeg and Cardamom) 8000-10000 7.00/-
  Nutmeg and Cardamom 8000-10000 9.00/-
  Pet feed Upto 4000 4.00/-
  Pet feed  4001-7000 6.00/-
  Pet feed  7001 - 8000 6.50/-
  Pet feed 8001-10000 8.00/-
  Packaging Material 7000-10000 10.00/-
  Herbal Products, Cosmetics & Color Powder 6000-14000 9.00/-

C) Vegetable Processing Facility, Vashi, New Mumbai (VPF)

In view of the ban imposed by European Union on mango & four vegetables, MSAMB, created a Vegetable Processing Facility for the export of fruits & vegetables to European Union. The component of this facility are as under:

  • Bitter Gourd Processing Line: 10 MT/Day
  • Okra Processing Line: 18 MT/Day
  • Green Chilies Processing Line: 4 MT/Day
  • Brinjals Processing Line: 4 MT/Day
  • Other Veg. Processing Line: 4 MT/Day
  • Pre Cooling Chamber: 5 MTs/6 Hrs
  • Cold Store Chambers: 150 MTs
  • Hot Water Treatment: 1 MT/Hr

This facility is being run by M/s. Khushi International as an O&M Agency. This facility has been certified by APEDA and till date 4371 Mts export occrued from this facility.


Treatment required on mangoes for export

Required Treatment Variety Treatment standards Box Size Destinations
&Irradiation Treatment Alphonso, Kesar, Benganpalli, Rajapuri, Totapuri Irradiation range 400 Greys min. & max. 1000 Greys Small Mango box : Alphonso & Kesar : 3.5 kg : 370 mm x 275 mm x 90 mm Big Mango Box : Benganpalli, Totapuri, Langda, Rajapuri : 4.2 Kg : 365 mm x 265 mm x 110 mm USA, Australia
Vapour Heat Treatment Maharashtra & Gujarat: Alphonso, Kesar Other States: AP: Benganpelli, UP : Chausa, Langda, West Bengal: Mallika Innermost fruit pulp temperature kept at 47.5 Deg. C for 20 min or more. CFB box or thermocol box. The ventilated holes of packing box will be fully covered with a screen of diagonal mesh size of less than 1.6 mm and also the packages or bundle of packages will be again covered with a screen of diagonal mesh size of less than 1.6 mm. If non-laminated CFB box is used it shall be tested for pesticide residues before packing, “For Japan” should be mentioned on the box. Japan
Vapour Heat Treatment All Indian Mango Varieties 46.5 Deg. C. for 30 minutes / 47.5 Deg. C. for 20 minutes As per the norms of importing country. European Union,
Vapour Heat Treatment All Indian Mango Varieties 48 Deg. C. for 20 minutes As per the norms of importing country. Mesh netting is compulsory. New Zealand,
Vapour Heat Treatment All Indian Mango Varieties 47.5 Deg. C. for 20 minutes As per the norms of importing country. Mesh netting is compulsory. South Korea, Mauritius,
Hot Water Treatment All Indian Mango Varieties

Upto 500 gms 48 Deg. C for 60 mins,   Above 500 gms upto 700 gms 48 Deg. C for 75 mins,

Above 700 gms upto 900 gms 48 Deg. C for 90 mins.
As per the norms of importing country. Mesh netting is compulsory for KOREA European Union, New Zealand, Iran, South Korea