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Pre-Cooling and Cold Storage

The Maharashtra State Agricultural Marketing Board undertook the first initiative in the State (1990), and even in the country, to promote the use of Temperature Management Technology (TMT) by setting up of PC & CS facilities under the Co-operative sector. The principle objective was to promote exports of fresh fruits and vegetables from the State. The MSAMB then identified technology, imported the technology, planned and implemented PC & CS facilities. Since then, under the guidance of the MSAMB, 32 PC & CS facilities have been set up in the Co-operative sector in the State. Due to this pioneering effort by the MSAMB, today Maharashtra is the largest exporter of fresh Grapes from the country and exports nearly 70% of all fresh fruits and vegetables from the country. The State has also successfully exported fresh Pomegranate and Mango using the PC & CS facilities.

MSAMB has given technical guidance to establish 32 pre-cooling and cold storage facilities of co-operative societies in the State. Grapes have been exported from these facilities.

Efforts taken for promotion of Cold Storage

  • In response to findings by an Expert Committee setup by the GoI (in 1998) that identified a need for 12 Lakhs MT of additional cold storage capacity and the need for creation of another 8 Lakhs MT cold storage capacity through expansion, repair and modernization of existing cold storages in the country, the GoM has taken initiatives to promote the setting up of cold storages in the State.
  • Director of Marketing, GoM and the MSAMB have taken a lead in promoting the construction of commercial cold storages for perishable horticultural produce by APMCs and farmers co-operative.
  • The MSAMB has prepared detailed project proposals of cold storage for APMCs and the farmer's Cooperative Societies in the State.
  • APMC Solapur has set up a commercial cold storage in its premises. It is in the process of setting up a pack house, precooling and cold storage as a common facility.

MSAMB's Projects for Promotion of Cold Storage

  • MSAMB with the financial assistance from APEDA New Delhi and Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY) established 20 Export Facility Centres on the land of APMCs, Co-operative Societies and Institutions. Out of this the Construction of 2 Export Facility Centres is under progress. These Export facility Centres includes Pre-cooling, Cold storage, Pack house facilities and Ripening Chambers in some places.
  • In addition to this 20 Modern Marketing Facilities are completed.
  • In order to promote the export of flowers from the state. MSAMB has established 2 Flower Export Facilities and one Flower Export Facility is under progress.