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Project Consultancy Division



Maharashtra is a key agricultural State accounting for 6-7% of all agricultural production in the country today. The State leads in the production of a number of crops including several fruits, vegetables, sugar, cotton, pulses etc. Agriculture is a major source of income for rural masses constituting 60-70% of the State's population. It is a major contributor to State's economy at around 25 % of the GDP. State's farmers have been quite successful and they have been consistently producing large quantities of marketable surplus. So far agriculture has been an economically viable activity in the State. However, in recent days there has been a disturbing trend with stagnation in prices for farm produce, high levels of post harvest losses and decreasing farm incomes. Under these circumstances the farmers of Maharashtra, like in rest of the country have very few options but to improve their post harvest management practices so that the present high levels of post harvest losses at 25-30% could be brought down to a reasonable level of 5% or so. And secondly they have to add value through processing to their farm produce for better remunerative prices. These steps can lead to better returns with increased market demand for agricultural produce and better chances of marketing. 


The State Government has identified post harvest management, food and agro processing, agribusiness and agriculture marketing as thrust areas in the coming years. This along with an excellent response received for the consultancy services offered by the Marketing Board in the past for APMCs and the Cooperative Societies in the State, the need for enlarging the scope and range of services was considered by the Managing Director. This led to the formation of a full fledged consultancy services.The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Maharashtra State Agricultural Marketing Board (MSAMB), the Hon'ble Minister for Marketing,Government of Maharashtra,on 20th June 2003, announced that a "Project Consultancy Division" would be set up to meet the inherent demand for consultancy services in the fast growing areas of agro processing, food processing and post harvest management in the State. He suggested that the MSAMB which has proven experience in project consultancy work through their project department take up the lead and set up a Project Consultancy Division.


The Consultancy Division has a vision to make all out efforts to conceptualise, plan and implement agribusiness projects and contribute towards the development of the rural economy.


One of the key objectives of the MSAMB is to facilitate more efficient marketing of agricultural produce, develop agro-processing, post harvest management practices so that farmers can expect better remuneration for their farm produce. Presently the quality of consultancy services available to farmers and cooperatives in the State are not up to the mark. Besides, the consultancy fees charged are quite high at 6 to 8 %. Keeping this in mind the Consultancy Division would specialise in areas of post harvest management, agro processing and related agriculture activities including production and marketing of organic produce, animal husbandry, poultry and fisheries as per demand. The consultancy services will cover the works of preparation of project plan, evaluation of projects, continuos technical guidance till completion of the project, financial planning, training of employees etc. Primary focus will be on providing technical guidance in the following types of services: 

  • Project Identification
  • Concept Development
  • Project pre feasibility study
  • Detailed Project Report (DPR) preparation
  • Technology sourcing
  • Sourcing appropriate plant and machinery
  • Technical consultancy and guidance
  • Project planning
  • Production planning
  • Market planning
  • Marketing support
  • Financial Analysis
  • Cash flow statement

No. Description Revised consultancy Fee

 A) Preparation Of  detailed  Project Report

Sr.No. Description Revised consultancy Fee
1 Project cost Upto Rs.5 Crores Upto 2 Crores - 0.4 % + S.T
Rs.2 Crores to 5 Crores - Rs.1.00 Lac + S.T(Service Tax)
2 Project cost Rs. 5 Crores - 10 Crores Rs. 5 Crores to 10 Crores - 1.5 Lac +S.T
3 Project cost More than 10 Crores Rs. 10 Cr.-to Rs.15 Crores - Rs. 2.00 Lac + S.T
Rs. 15 crores to 25 Crores - Rs.2.50 Lac + S.T
More than 25 Crore - Rs. 3.00  Lac + S.T
4 To Prepare  the DPR under VISHESH GHATAK YOJANA Sceduled caste and schedule tribes societies - consession   in above fees upto 50% + S.T w.r.t above.


Farmers cooperatives, agricultural produce market committees, the private entrepreneurs such personal entrepreneurs in various sectors of agricultural exports will continue to stand in a variety of industry and agriculture harvesting process after the service management center is available to them. And whoever will minister to advise the project Marketing Board will help them.


The Consultancy Division has a number of experts in the field of Agriculture and Agro business and other related fields. Additional and specialised expertise as required is out-sourced from the market on a project to project basis. Besides the above additional expert services of Dr. K. Z. Toshniwal, Managing  Director, Mr. D. D. Shinde General Manager, MSAMB, expert in Agriculture and Cooperatives, Director, is available as required.


1. Conceptualization, Planning, and implementation of Basic Infrastructure Facilities such as

  • Overall plan and layout of market yards (APMCs)
  • Design and implementation of buildings, roads, wholesale and retail shops,
  • Auction Hall, farmers rest house, utilities like Drinking Water, Electricity etc.

2. Specialized infrastructure facilities like setting up of Grain cleaning and sorting facility

  • Commercial multi commodity multi chamber Cold Storages
  • Pre-Cooling cum Cold Storages, Onion Storage facility
  • Model Export center. Ripening Chambers
  • Pack House
  • Shetkari Bazaar.

3. Computerisation help:

  • Computerisation of APMC accounts
  • Computerised market information system.

4. State level Planning:

  • Blue print for the State for the overall development of APMCs.
  • Conceptualisation and detailed plan of an Integrated State level Marketing  
  • Infrastructure
  • Development plan for Horticulture produce.
  • Conceptualisation of State level plans for development of marketing and agribusiness.
  • Preparation of concept paper and study papers for the State Government from time to time.

5. Financial Assistance Proposals:

  • Detailed Project Reports for financial assistance for submission to Government of India, State agencies, World Bank for projects by the Marketing Board.

Status :

The consultancy division is having 5 active projects on hand valued at an estimated Rs.22500 lakhs. In these mainly projects of Modernization and Expansion of Dhalli Market Yard of Himachal Pradesh Marketing Board, Shimla, Dal Mill, Flour Mills,  Fruits & Vegetable processing, Cold Storage projects of Co-operative Societies and  APMCs are included.

Project Consultancy Division appraises project reports of the co-operative societies received from the Directorate of Marketing.  About 500 appraisal reports of various co-operative societies have been submitted to the Director of Marketing


Head, Project Consultancy Division
Maharashtra State Agricultural Marketing Board
R-7, Market Yard, Gultekdi,
Pune 411 037 Phone: 020-24528100, 24528200 Fax: 020-24528299
Email: project@msamb.com Web: www.msamb.com