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Maharashtra State Agriculture Marketing Board, Pune


Maharashtra rajya bajar samiti karmachari seva nivrutti vetan yojana.


Executives of market committee employees to provide financial stability after retirement

  • Government has approved this pension scheme as per government order, dated 29.09.1988, with condition the Government and the Marketing Board will not financially support to this scheme.
  • Actual execution of pension scheme from 01.07.1991


  • M.S.A.M.B. having responsibility to implement the scheme according to order of 29.09.1988
  • Implementation of scheme through federal body of market committee from 01.07.1991 to 31.03.2013 due to technical reason.
  • After that this scheme has transferred to M.S.A.M.B. from 01.04.2013.

To implementation the pension scheme under the Marketing Board, having two committees.

  • Under the chairmanship of Minister Marketing, Sub-committee appointed by the Marketing Board.
  • The Executive Committee of the Staff Representative appointed by this sub-committee

Important decision taken after transfer the Pension Scheme.

  • To get the rebate from Income Tax and to get highest rate of interest from Investment. This scheme is implemented under the M.S.A.M.B., not independently.
  • This new pension scheme for the employee's of market committee has been started from 01.04.2013.
  • Under this new scheme all members getting actual Interest rate from 01.04.2018.
  • If any member participated in pension scheme has suddenly death then pension scheme will financially support to his nominee Rs. 50000
  • For the old pension scheme pensioners we have increased 30% pension from 01.08.2014
  • Every participated members in pension scheme having their own separate account and every year we are communicating to APMC's regarding deposited amount of concern employees.
  • Under this pension scheme we are invested amount of Rs. 146.72 CR at the end of March 2018.

Market Committee and staff participated in the pension scheme (31.03.2018)

No Details Market Committees Employees
1 Participated Market Committees 177 2524
2 Leave from Pension scheme by market Committees 70 696
3 Not Participated market committees 60 ---
  Total 307 3220
1 Old Retirement Pensioners   732
2 New Contributory Pensioners   87
  Total   819
Contributory pension form Emp death varas contributory pension form
New Employee Details New Employee Samatipatra
Old scheme family pension Form Refund document Regulor Retire
Refund Documents Emp Death Varas Needs