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As per provision of section 38 of the Maharashtra Agricultural Produce Marketing (Regulation) Act 1963, and the Maharashtra Agriculture Produce Marketing (Development & Regulation) rule 1967-rule 112 (1) every Market Committee shall submit their budget to the Marketing Board for sanction before 31st January of every year. The State Marketing Board after due scrutiny, sanctions the budget with or without modifications within one month from the date of receipt thereof. It includes the original budget, supplementary and reappropriation budget.

The budget is prepared in the prescribed format developed by the State Marketing Board. The budget includes all the items of revenue and expenditure (including administrative expenditure, and development items).

The Marketing Board has delegated powers to its following officers to sanction the budget.

No Total Budgetary Amount Sanctioning Authority
1 Up to Rs. 50.00 Lac Dy. General Manager
2 Above Rs.50.00 Lac to Rs.100 Lac General Manager
3 Above Rs.100.00 Lac to Rs. 500.00 Lac Managing Director
4 Above Rs. 500 Lac Board of Directors

The formats have been developed by the Marketing Board for preparing the budget.