Commodity Arrival-Qtls Model Price Rs/Qtl
BAJRI 953 1566
WHEAT(HUSKED) 13992 2012
SORGUM(JAWAR) 1152 1740
MAIZE 181 1407
COWPEA 607 5200
GRAM 8061 3770
MATKI 3 2750
GREEN GRAM 416 5190
PIGEON PEA (TUR) 4248 3539
BLACK GRAM 115 4900
SOYABEAN 5971 3222
POTATO 30269 1556
CUCUMBER 2967 950
CABBAGE 4080 994
MSAMB Profile

The Maharashtra State Agricultural Marketing Board (MSAMB), Pune was established on 23rd, March 1984, under section 39A of Maharashtra Agricultural Produce Marketing (Development & Regulation) Act, 1963. MSAMB has done pioneering work in the field of Agricultural Marketing in the State and achieved success in various areas. MSAMB is having an important role in developing and coordinating agricultural marketing system in the State of Maharashtra.

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