In order to initiate the export of orange in the international level as well as to strengthening the domestic marketing system of orange, an apex body named “MAHAORANGE” has been established on 10th March, 2008.

At present there are 5 orange growers co-operative societies are the member societies of MAHAORANGE. In order to give maximum returns to the orange growers, initiatives has been taken by MAHAORAGE by arranging an events like Orange Festivals in the various cities with the help of MSAMB. Also to make available the technical know how about quality production of oranges, training and demonstration programs has been arranged by MAHAORANGE with the help of MSAMB in the different production area of orange.

  • To strengthen the domestic marketing system of orange as well as sweet lime.
  • To promote farmers for quality production to meet international requirement.
  • To make available technical know how about post harvest technology.
  • To promote orange growers for establishment of cooperative societies to initiate the direct marketing through producer to consumer scheme.
  • To make available infrastructure like cold storage, reefer vans as well as advanced packing technology among the farming community.
  • To erect orange processing as well as orange fruit juice parlours.
  • To provide modern technical know how to orange growers.
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