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In order to boost the export of grapes from Maharashtra, "MAHAGRAPES", a co-operative partnership firm has been establish on 19th January, 1991 with the help of the Maharashtra State Agricultural Marketing Board, Pune. The head office of Mahagrapes is located at Pune.

Till date total 16 Grape Grower Co-operative Societies are the member societies of Mahagrapes from Sangli, Solapur, Latur, Pune and Nasik area. Main objective of Mahagrapes is to boost the export of grapes for which facilities like pre-cooling and cold storages has been erected at each grape grower co-operative society.Due to hard working of 'Mahagrapes' in the grape export, brand of Maharashtra's Grapes is well establish in the international market. Mahagrapes is established brand in the EU and Middle East market during last ten years. All technical guidance and financial support has

Export Performance of Mahagrapes for the year 2003-2004

Quantity: 516.53 MTs.
Value : Rs. 2.17 crores
Countries : U.K., The Netherlands, Germany, Sri Lanka.

Mahagrapes is also promoting export of pomegranate from 2003-04. This year 208 MTs of pomegranates of value Rs.One crore seventeen lakhs are exported to U.K.
Other Objectives of Mahagrapes

  • Upliftment of farmers community.
  • Growth of Co-operative Movement.
  • Encourage and develop agricultural exports.
  • Maximise foreign exchange earnings.
  • Update the farmers on latest technology in farming.